Physically Adjusting to Working Full Time

One of the biggest challenges post-graduation is changing from the life style of a college student to a working professional. I used to tease my mom constantly about how she would be in bed by 8:30 pm. I didn’t understand it. I could stay up all night binge watching Netflix and still have the energy to make it to my 10 am. HA. I can’t help but laugh now at my naivety. After a year of working full time, I finally feel like my body has adjusted to the change. So here are my personal tips on how to prepare your body for the strain of working full time.

Sleep, sleep, sleep, oh yeah- and more SLEEP

Not only are you getting up anywhere from 1-5 hours earlier than you typically do, you’re no working through the day without a nap and its HARD! You haven’t had to go all day since high school, and now the days are longer to boot! SLEEP GIRL! Try to get more sleep at night and avoid napping after getting home from work (it will throw off your schedule in all kinds of wonky ways). Be not ashamed of going to bed early. You need the sleep and your life will be feel so much more balanced when you get it.

Meal Prep

Not only are you working all day- you now have a lunch break (hopefully). While it may seem like you have plenty of time to run to Chipotle every day of the week- your wallet and your waistline will thank you for meal prepping. Cook up one or two meals on a Sunday and divide them out to be used throughout the week. My favorite meal is brown rice, grilled chicken and peppers and onions (ok so still basically Chipotle hahaha).

Don’t Skip Breakfast

Everyone everywhere says not to skip breakfast- but it really is true. I know its early, and the idea of 10 more minutes of sleep can be enticing, but make sure this is a priority. I’m never hungry when my alarm goes off at 6 to eat something, but come 9 I’m always starving. I keep plenty of breakfast items stocked in my office- packs of oatmeal, English muffins and peanut butter or a banana can be great mid morning pick me up!

Stay Active

This one was the hardest for me as I was adjusting to my new schedule, but it is essential not to become immobile with your job. Making time to get to the gym is absolutely ideal (you’ll sleep better when you do!) but there are other options as well. Take a walk with your roommate, or tackle your nightly Netflix binge from a treadmill or stationary bike. This is an investment in your health that you will absolutely thank yourself for long term.

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