Investing in a Working Wardrobe

When college is finally over, so are your days of rolling out of bed 5 minutes before class and throwing on the standard uniform of a Comfort Colors sorority tee, athletic shorts and Chacos (or Birks, but personally I’m team #chaconation). Unless you go into the medical profession and are lucky enough to get to wear scrubs every day, you’re going to need a brand new working wardrobe. Whether you’re teaching or accounting, hopefully these tips will help you build a stylish new closet (without breaking the bank!)

1. Stock on the staples

There are some pieces you can just count on needing. A well-tailored pair of black plants, a cardigan to take dresses from summer to fall, a pair of comfortable booties and some statement flats are my essentials. And don’t forget a tote bag big enough to hold your laptop and planner!

2. Can I wear this to work?

Whenever I’m shopping for a piece of clothing, whether its work specific or not- I always ask myself – is this something I can wear to work? The key to not spending too much is to let your clothes do double duty. Would the top you’re contemplating look just as cute with jeans on date night as it would with a pencil skirt in the office? If yes-buy with my blessing, you found yourself a worthwhile investment!

3. Watch where you shop

While a working wardrobe should be an investment, it doesn’t need to be a huge blow to your bank account! My favorite stores to check out are H and M, Old Navy and yes even Target! While you may absolutely need a blazer from Banana Republic, I promise there are places you can find it cheaper. Save the name brands for your CEO years!